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A message will not disappear!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

By Natalie MacDonald

I'm not too keen on working from home. For someone who is used to dealing with the public everyday, sharing laughter, tears and emotions, quite intimately. Working from home is definitely not my scene and for the third time at that!

Like so many of us... I have felt frustrated, unable to cope, manage my workload, alone! Having had to furlough all employees to survive the business. As we entered this 3rd lockdown my husband saw the "working from home" fears grow in my appearance... He simply said to me... "A message will not disappear," It can go unanswered until you are ready to answer it. I thought about this for a few days whilst frantically keeping my notifications under control, working into the night in a chaotic manner. It played on my mind. I allowed work emails, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp messages, texts to mount up, adequately for reasonable amount of times. I returned to them later and noticed, they don't disappear! They await a response. Now that wasn't too bad was it. Messages don't disappear and managing time to professionally handle them so that customer service doesn't slip is key. I can definitely say that lockdown has taught me this and I suppose my husband's words too... As Christians we need to manage our time with God. Imagine that little red notification symbol above your own head. How many messages has Jesus been sending us? Are we letting them mount up? Are we brushing them off because we are too busy? Or are we choosing the right time each day to answer those messages and thank Him for communicating with us? Most importantly do we understand our ways of receiving messages from God? What is your channel of communication with Jesus? He talks to us all, do we listen? Do we find time to be humble & still with Him? We know scripture describes how God spoke directly with Abraham, Moses, Elijah and many others. These were people ready to hear His voice because of their purity and desire in their hearts for Him.

We too can learn how to hear God and answer Him and not let those messages slip away. Remember a message will not disappear unless you choose to ignore it. Relationships, marriages, workload and God requires much of our time. Are we managing this and understanding it so that the relationships (just like my working from home messages that I wasn't used to) are under control and understood?

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