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Infinite Bread Moment

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

By Isaac Stonier

When I was asked to do an Infinite Moment, I was at work making bread. For those of you who don’t know, I am a baker in a Sainsbury’s store (other supermarket brands available). I was thinking I should write about a subject I know quite well. So, here is my Infinite bread moment!

Just to start, when making bread, you use the same basic 4 ingredients: flour, water, salt, and yeast. There are other breads that use more or less, but for a simple bread mix, this is what you need.

Now, if you look at the picture, there are 9 different loaves of bread. There are some small loaves and some big loaves. Some with flour on top, some without. Some that may look burnt, some that look perfectly baked. And the giraffe bread (also known as tiger bread) looks completely unique. Even each individual loaf of the same kind can look completely different too, as you can see clearly when you compare the two giraffe loaves.

I’ll let you into a little secret! All these loaves are basically the same. Each loaf came from the exact same mix and is made from the exact same ingredients. Also, they were all made by the same person. After they are mixed and shaped, that is when they start to look different and not like the others. When they are baked and packed and on the supermarket shelves, customers won’t know that they still have the same basic ingredients.

If you think about it, humans are like these loaves of bread. We all are different. Different sizes, shapes, looks, personalities, and interests. We couldn’t be a more diverse species! Even though it seems we have nothing in common with each other, there are things that are the same. Although scientists may disagree, we are all mostly made using 5 main ingredients. These are hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen.

We are all made by the same being that made the heavens and the earth. So like the bread, we were made by the same creator. God used the same basic ingredients to make us but used them to create us all as individuals, completely different from each other. Does that mean God loves us all differently? Absolutely not! We are all loved so much by God, we can’t put a measure on it.

In these times of COVID, we can see a lot of togetherness in the way people act, such as kindness towards others. But we can still see a lot of division and dislike as well.

So, the thing I would like you to take away from this Infinite moment is to look out for each other! We all have the same basic needs. If you hear of someone struggling, offer to lend a hand. Treat people how you would like to be treated. Just be nice in any way you can (within current restrictions anyway).

Now you might have thought when reading above that I only named 4 ingredients to humans when I said there were 5! The 5th one is simple but is so important for us to use and to show to other people. GOD’S LOVE! We all need God’s love in our lives, and to show God’s kindness everywhere we go.

So, how will you use God’s love? Any ideas?

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