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Skii Moment

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

By David Barker

Skiing is a hobby that I love to do when I get the chance, usually, at this time of the year, I would be heading of to the French Alps. It’s a hobby I started when I was 40 but I became hooked in my twenties watching the winter Olympics and Ski Sunday but didn’t know anybody who went skiing at the time.

20 years on and I’m blessed to have both Glenys and Megan who are both competent and good skiers and we enjoy our time on the slopes, eating great food, and having fun. Also, having spent the day in the fresh air getting the best nights sleep.

You may be wondering what on earth has skiing got to do with faith, good question so just hang on in and all will become clear.

Watch the video of Kevin and Maureen’s first skiing holiday back in the 80’s.

Some observations:

Kevin didn’t find that easy, did he? But God loves a trier!

Maureen just preferred skiing backward

Kevin who had no natural balance at all

Kevin spent a lot of time looking at his feet

Do you remember your first driving lesson?

How you convinced yourself you could drive, but when the moment arrived how you gripped the steering wheel white-knuckled, and did you look at your feet instead of the road ahead?

Most of us have a hobby or interest and it’s about commitment and not giving up, learning and practice, and watching others. It applies to fencing, baking, woodworking. It normally takes at least three ski holidays with lessons to start to feel confident to tackle beginner slopes and chairlifts and progress from snow ploughs to parallel ski turns.

My ski holidays give me an amazing lift, it’s a therapy for me, reaching the top of the mountain by chair lift on a clear sunny day, you can almost touch the sky, and the air quality is so clean and pure.

Surrounded by beauty, panoramic breathtaking snow-capped mountain views in every direction, I always feel so privileged to be there at that moment as these mountain ranges have been there since creation and with not a tower block in sight.

Skiing downhill gives me that ‘letting go’ moment, the ‘wind beneath my wings’. Just as I remember as a young boy riding my secondhand bike with no brakes downhill screaming with joy, of course as a child you don’t feel fear!

And, yes I do fall over and crash, just ask the girls. It’s all part of the experience including the bruises.

You have to keep your head up, focus on what’s ahead, work out your route, manage your speed, and have an awareness of others around you.

As for someone who is tied to a desk, computer, and phone all day, you can’t ski and read your emails at the same time! Whoopee!

Sadly, this ski season is all on hold until 2022 so I just have to look at the webcams and dream.

From my story today:

  • Take a moment to reflect on your journey of faith.

  • The moment of ‘letting go’ spiritually and how that felt.

  • Identify the ‘therapy’ that works for you, clears your headspace, and energizes you. Make time for it.

  • Finally, do you fall over like I do in life? And ask yourself am I looking at my feet or am I looking ahead to the future?

NB. Christian skiing holidays are available offering companionship; fellowship and fun just find them on google.

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