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Thy Kingdom Come

Join us walk the parish and pray for our area. The Parish Prayer Walks will take place at the following times and locations.

Thursday 26th May - 6pm Walk 1

Meeting at - Junction of Roby Road and Pilch Lane East

Friday 27th May - 6pm Walk 2

Meeting at – Outside Court Hey Methodist Church

Saturday 28th May - 6pm Walk 3

Meeting at – Outside St Barts Church

Sunday 29thth May - 6pm Walk 4

Meeting at – Corner of Western Ave and Page Moss Lane

Monday 30th May - 6pm Walk 5

Meeting at – Corner of Charnwood Road and Western Ave

Tuesday 31st May - 6pm onwards Walk 6

Meeting at – Corner of Kingsway and Rupert Road

Wednesday 1st June - 6pm onwards Walk 7

Meeting at – Dinas Lane and Page Moss Lane Corner

Thursday 2nd June - 6pm onwards Walk 8

Meeting at – Trinity Methodist Church Liverpool Road

Friday 3rd June - 6pm onwards Walk 9

Meeting at – Corner of Lawton Road and Roby Road

Saturday 3rd June - 6pm onwards Walk 10

Meeting at – Corner of Twickenham Drive and Newbury Close

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