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March 28th Moment

Tonight’s moment is brought to us by Sian:

As we prepare for Easter it is a time to we look forward to meeting up with friends and family which is slowly happening and so maybe the time to have a think about baking some goodies.

Simnel Cake is very much associated with Easter. It is a light fruit cake that appears around Mother's Day and Easter. It has a layer of marzipan baked in the middle and a second layer on top. It's decorated with 11 balls to represent the apostles minus Judas and sometimes there's a ball representing Christ in the middle.

My challenge for this week is to have a go at baking some Easter goodies. Maybe a Simnel Cake, maybe some Easter biscuits or cupcakes.

Happy baking and please let us have photos of your goodies to share! Share them with the hashtag #RobyEasterBakes!

#RobyEasterBakes #Easter #Infinitemoments

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