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The Word Became Flesh

By Pat Verrycke

The word became flesh and made his dwelling among us..... John1:1-14.

Isn't it strange how we can read the same Bible verse many times but then one day see it differently? This happened to me when reading my daily Bible notes.

This verse shows the uniqueness of Jesus and the Christian faith.

Apparently "the word became flesh" has been described as "The Great Divide", because it separates the Christian faith from every other religion on Earth. In all other religions the emphasis is on humanity's search for God. In Christianity, the emphasis is on God's search for humankind. This shows the uniqueness of Jesus and the Christian faith. The gospel of Jesus is not merely a command instructing us to do something, but a demonstration, revealing what God has done for us. Two thousand years ago, the King of ALL ages was contained in time! God became a baby.

I am not able to understand all the implications of Jesus' incarnation but I know it was prompted by God's eternal love for us. So I will spend the rest of my days, thanking him, praising him and loving him back.

I especially like the Message Bible version of this verse which reads, " The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood..."

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